3/17/14 Minutes

Meeting starts @ 6:15 (outside Central Office)

**Many committee members were out of town for the LVYPAA Scavenger Hunt, so meeting attendance was small and held outside Central Office due to keyholder being absent (thanks a lot, Jonathan)



  • March Game Night netted somewhere around $80 after expenses
  • New location worked very well for event
  • Food was great (thank you, Shayna)
  • Need to bring money for events so Game Night winnings may be paid out (Sorry, Tony)
  • Dates confirmed with St George and HVYPAA for Prom event


  • We may possibly have room to store tables for events at new Game Night location
  • Cirque can be used for Prom event location (Pricing in New Business)


  • Apologizes for being away from committee for a few months
  • Asks for forgiveness
  • We like Tony, so we let him come back


  • Merchandise chair
  • Going to start investigating pricing/availability for Conference and upcoming events

New Business

Shayna new refreshments chair


  • Cirque will allow us to use their venue for Prom and another event around the same time for “Free” (Free = $300 to “refurbish” flooring after use)
  • Business tabled due to so few committee members being present to vote on expense

Meeting closes @ 6:45