3/20/2014 Minutes

Meeting opens @ 6:03

Open with moment of silence and serenity prayer

New members: Briana

Reviewed Minutes



Spencer from Happy Valley has been getting in touch with Cirque to get venue for 26th of April to no avail. Happy Valley wants to contribute in some way. 7-11PM. Hoping to be done with cleanup and whatnot by midnight.


Has been outreaching to Happy Valley and Davis County. Suggests pre-sale tickets to get the word out further. Arizona wants to contribute.


Venue for concert is free. $100 for sound guy. Friday May 23, 6-10PM. Christian Center on 700 E. Entertainment committee meeting on Tuesday around Noon.


Has not heard back from Teresa. Getting in contact with Jack G. as potential speaker.


Went with Todd to Winter Fest. Handed out plenty of pre-reg flyers. Registered one.


Met with Skyler to tour hotel and configure A/V needs. Getting full quote. 50% discount. Much discount. So amaze. Wow.


$1,300 not deposited, otherwise finances have not changed since last financial report. $6,015.24 in total.

Old Business


New Business


  • Kathy M. for Thursday night speaker
  • Budget becoming issue for out-of-state speakers
  • Doc for Doctor’s Opinion confirmed and booked
  • Just tickets for Prom, not flyers

Meeting closes @ 6:35