4/27/14 Minutes

Open @ 6:06

Review Minutes from Last meeting

New Members

  • Dan – 6/1/06, GSR for Holladay group, made coffee for millions of meetings, admitted stargazer, favorite color is Blue



  • Thrift Shop Prom was success
  • Decent amount of Utah Cty folk
  • Many concessions left over – can use for Benefit Concert
  • Venue was nice in size and quality
  • Can talk about having another Game Night


  • Venue confirmed for Benefit Concert – Journey of An Alcoholic
  • A/V covered
  • Paintings are being painted, 3 pieces in total
  • Friday, May 23
  • Going after the oldies and the Carls
  • Salt Lake City Christian Center
  • Begin @ 7:30, go until 9-ish
  • More silent auction pieces would help
  • $10 entry, since all for profit (no overhead)
  • Should probably start pre-selling tix
  • Need old-timer speaker
  • Neisha will do raffle & tix
  • Most singers are confirmed, need one more female
  • May be able to get into May’s Lifeline (Jonathan)
  • Received message about possibly having famous performer at conference
  • Flagstaff wants to send panelists


  • Soberlution flyers, in Idaho (July 25-27)
  • Soberlution people will be bringing people to SWACYPAA, and be bidding for next year
  • Might be able to have folks come down for panels
  • Getting headcounts from other states (NV, CA, AZ, etc.) – lots of folks coming
  • Outreach going very well
  • Won’t be able to attend conference – much sad, so depress, wow
  • Need Queen of SWACY contestants, preferably from bid cities (Wade)


  • We have some t-shirts, they are blue, yay (50 in total, $566.31)
  • We will charge $15 for them at next few events and conference, will have more sizes at the conference


  • Made $65 cash from Prom Event
  • Need $100 from Utah Cty
  • Need to do more accounting to get final total of proceeds
  • $60 in Square

New Business


  • Square payments are expensive for us (1.5% if swiped, 3.5% if typed in)
  • Possible way to save on CC transactions through connection


  • Will have to pay $2500 for Food and Beverage minimum, so we will pay $4 for Red Bull and sell for loss at $3 – need to clarify with hotel how we could possibly make some of that back up or how to bring our own food
  • Need Volunteer coordinator at conference
  • Need Programs execution


  • Resigning from Activities Position
  • Activities now moves into Conference Entertainment


  • Allowing people who can’t pay/newcomers to volunteer for 1 whole day for free registration

Dan is new Volunteer Coordinator

Meeting closes at 7:06