5/25/2014 Minutes

Meeting opens @ 6:09

*Open w/moment of silence & Serenity prayer


  • Dan – Volunteers have expressed interest (need volunteers for basically everything the hotel will not be doing for us) – 2/4 hour shifts, volunteers get free shirt
  • Jonathan – Met w/hotel on Tuesday, 2 dedicated hotel employees for execution of conference to help us, have allowed us to sell our own drinks/food (we will need to give them food/bev minimum in cash), can still buy food from them w/minimum, we will not have all rooms every day of conference, moved advisory/store room downstairs, clumping together advisory/host/speakers in different part of hotel, room block booking rate currently at 28% (committee members will be booking rooms this weekend/week), travel/hotels all booked for speakers, trying to PJ for Sunday morning speaker, need two openers for Sunday
  • A/V – updated bid includes solid state recorder and other items, current bid @ $1400, hotel wants to charge $500 for liaison and will price match, spending $50 to re-key store room, pretty dynamic set up, weird DJ setup
  • Wade – no one has signed up for Drag Show (considering alternates for room space),
  • Neisha – have gotten in touch w/casino night company
  • Entertainment – St Georgians will provide tag DJ set for Saturday night
  • Merch – going to order more red shirts (they will be host shirts in order to differentiate host from rest of conference shirts), 10-15 blue shirts were sold

Old Business

  • None

New Business

  • Merch/Design – Need decent amount of women’s shirts (1/3 of total), need total number of shirts to order, 1 guy requested XXXL, should be going over minimum bulk order, 50 hoodies w/logo on the black, coffee mugs!!!, delinquent saint on white shirt, addict saint on grey, can do prepayment/preorder for shirts/sizes which are sold out, $75 for screen set up which includes 4 colors, 70 mens/30 womens of each design, hats go quickly at God Camp-out, need prices on coffee mugs, need pricing on lanyards and name tags, need pricing on bracelets,
  • Jacob w/Rainbow Roundup – RR 8/15-17) would love to help SWACY in whatever they can, and would also like table at conference for registration (signage and banners), could potentially help w/Drag Show
  • Sarah – we need to get conference program ready to distribute (we already have, but not specific times)
  • Jonathan – we need name-tag identifiers for host/advisory/volunteers, company in Orem offered SWACY-branded vape juice, advisory elections happening soon (will need 3 main people and 3 alternates, 4 year commitment)

Meeting closes @ 7:10