6/1/14 Minutes


Meeting Opens @ 6:06
Serenity Prayer


Shayna – got beverage pricing, Costco appears to be the cheapest (but don’t have Rockstars), might check with Sam’s Club for RS pricing, need to figure out how many to buy, 1400 total?, could run to Costco and Sam’s on Sunday, Rockstar might be more popular, basic flavors, won’t have coffee at meeting, Starbucks will be open late, need 2 days worth and restock accordingly,
Jonathan – 105 people preregistered (approx), budgeting for 400 people in attendance, hit 31% for room night booking, need 2 tablets and Squares for registration/payment, 2 for merch, 3 for concessions, schedule is complicated (sent out Google doc)
A/V – don’t have to pay $500 fee, previous fee should still stand, Skyler should be available to run boards
Wade – need permission for Karaoke system (need pricing info first), casino night Saturday, dance both nights, open talent show Friday,
Programs – one side room not being used, will be used for panels – Military, Prison, Keeping Rooms Safe, Post-secret, have 7 panelists scheduled, 7 panels, most from AZ bid city, will have marathon meetings additionally (topic from grab bag),
Activities – hike (The Living Room, Pipeline), 30 slots for sign up, Todd and Dan to figure out sign up and transportation, sweat lodge (trying to figure it out), yoga by Sammy and Aaron, 12 step yoga?,
Merch/Brian – put in order for shirts $1000 preorder, $2300 total, held off on hoodies (pretty pricey), ordered wristbands ($0.70 cost, charge $3.00), wristbands could come with registration bags?, possible contact in AZ to get cheaper hoodies, have not ordered host/volunteer shirts yet, host shirt with different colors for different people, guaranteed profit – all recordings from conference on flash drive shaped like key
Meeting closes @ 6:57