6/15/2014 Minutes


Meeting opens @ 6:00


Shayna (Concessions) – Need as close to 100 Rockstar from Sam’s Club, will be getting stickers from Dollar Tree for decorating name tags, will have card stock cut at Kinkos for name tags,

Dan (Volunteers) – Leaving @ 8:30 for hike, transportation for thirty people (six cars have already volunteered to assist, at least 5 people have volunteered for security with Jason, Hailee has volunteered for the hospitality room,

Jonathan (Chair) – will fill some rooms with yoga, or potentially fitness group, hotel only charging us $500 for all three room flips (move chairs, move walls, clean walls), no fees or taxes on the food, lanyards have arrived (FANTASTIC DEAL), A/V gear is ordered and will be delivered, drinks are purchased (have two days worth or so), budgeted for around 400 people for attendance, will need to host advisory elections (2 primary, 3 alternates), Jonathan voted in as future SWACYPAA Advisory, Necia voted in as future SWACYPAA advisory, Dave voted in as future SWACYPAA advisory, Brian voted in as future alternate advisory SWACYPAA advisory, still need to create grab bag of topics for marathon meetings, suggestions for psuedo-panels needed,

Necia (Raffles) РWill be going around to collect raffle prizes, Sarah has the hookup on good items,

Meeting closes @ 7:15