6/8/2014 Minutes


Meeting opens @ 6:01

Start w/moment of silence & Serenity Prayer

New Members: Cade


Pre-Registration approximately at 105-120

Hospitality – Scavenger hunt, board games, YPAA Bingo, pillow fort (please do not use hotel’s sheets/blankets/pillows), merch in hospitality room

Facilities – hotel being weird about room flips (could potentially try to charge $500 per flip), might try to charge us for refrigerator space, registration in hallways, concessions in central locations, room flips will take 3 hours???, could do it in under 2 hours if we give them enough Redbull, we must pay fees to maintain safety/fire code stuff,

Programs –  6-9 for meetings in order to make more time for dances, Sunday 10-12, dance must end at 1, casino night must end at 1, slots for 8 panels in 2 different rooms, additional panel topics will take place in some marathon meeting slots (2 speakers and then open up meeting), birthday meeting – buy chips or ask groups/members to donate, need topics for marathon meetings – probably do grab bag style, sign up sheet for marathon meeting chairs, will approach Randi H. and Christine F. for Saturday opening speaker, offering discount to treatment centers ($15 each) – have reached out to Haven, Vista, Wasatch Recovery, Ascend, Dayspring, Recovery Ways,

A/V – Missing piece of DJ gear – $150 cost, lasers would be sweet for the dance

Entertainment – karaoke $95, bunch of volunteers for drag show (Scaryoke?), hike (each car going up will need to bring $3 to pay canyon fee), yoga?, glow sticks?

Concessions – stickers and markers, paper bags and such,

Raffles – already have tickets, just need prizes, every $500 at casino night equals 1 raffle ticket, Necia and Wade will buy prizes, motion to approve $1500 budget for prizes passes,

Merch  have most shirts ordered

Gibson voted Voice of SWACYPAA

***Next week we will vote chair of meetings (Jonathan will do Saturdays), and vote for people to run sobriety countdown,

Meeting closes 7:00