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The Final Meeting

This being the last meeting for the first host of SWACYPAA, in which the committee is disbanded after making some profound, earth-altering decisions.

Open @ 1:33 PM


  • Financial
    • Around $1,700 negative.  Several unexpected charges, less attendance than projected.


  • Transfer all remaining food and beverage to SaLTYPAA with the condition that remaining SWACYPAA debt be inherited as well.
    • Motion passes with 1 against
  • Ro(g)bert nominated as Advisory Alternate
    • All in favor, Robert’s opinion not considered
  • Motion to disband
    • All in favor


5/11/2014 Minutes

Open at 6:06 PM


Gibson (A/V) – Reviewed the conference quote with the supplier. Pricing around $1,100.  Need to check out a larger DJ kit for Saturday night which might increase the quote cost by $250.

Wade – Need to rent a projector for the event. $50

Brian (flyers) – Flyers for the May event being distributed

Jonathan – 55 new shirts printed. Hoping to sell a lot at Four Corners.

New Members


Old Business


New Business


Close at 6:16 PM

5/3/2014 Minutes

Open at 6:15PM



  • Sending event details to Brian for flyers and tickets
  • All performers confirmed
  • Having an AA meeting after the concert
  • Need outreach specifically for Hillcrest, Murray Group, Murray-Holladay, An AA Group, Friday and Sunday 8PM Alano


  • Showing t-shirt designs


  • Getting Brianna and Charles for speakers


  • May 17th and June 14th available for podcast

Close at 6:48PM


Business meeting 3/2/2014

Meeting opens at 6:05

  • Open w/Serenity Prayer and a moment of “silence”
  • *Now meeting weekly
  • Really need to start forming manpower for security
  • Reviewed last meeting’s minutes

○      Motion to approve minutes: Robert/passes

  • New Committee Members

○      Jeremy


○      Robert

■      Broomball would be difficult (too expensive), checked out four locations

■      Jake will check with Maverik Center’s VP to see if there’s something we could work out

■      Game night can continue at same business

○      Sarah

■      Reaching out to people with prior YPAA “stuff” for speakers and whatnot – Teresa F potential speaker, advised committee to look up her speaker tapes

■      DJ Mikalis(?) available to DJ for our event

■      Probably not enough time to get a speaker tape listening group together before booking speakers, will mostly need to listen on our own

○      Wade

■      Conference entertainment subcommittee meeting at Wade’s house

○      Johnathan

■      Need to get $425 to Advisory for bank account and other expenses

  • Potential smaller cost later on

■      Asked Steve B to speak Friday night for conference

  • Founder of WACYPAA
  • Not confirmed yet

■      Panel “A Doctor’s Opinion”

  • Dr Laudet to potentially speak and talk with us throughout conference
  • Saturday at 10am

■      Cathy M to potentially speak on Thursday

■      Valerie stepping down

■      Tara stepping down

■      Need more Pre-Reg

■      Need more room purchases

■      Card readers. Such free. So amaze. Wow.

■      Three folks from HVYPAA won a free SWAC registration from scavenger hunt event (great event, BTW)


○      $15.50

  • Old Business

○      Getting more t-shirts

■      Just for current events

○      HVYPAA Wanting to Help with next event

■      Separate meeting for events

○      Move date for March event

■      March Madness Basketball Tourney?

  • Need to find location open on Sundays

○      We have ALL the conference space we need – woot woot

■      Six rooms total

○      Are we in-reaching?

■      Getting the word out about the actual conference

  • New Business

○      Jeremy – In-reach

■      Liaison for various communities (LGBTQ), Native American, etc.

○      HVYPAA and Four Corners in the house!

■      Printing out pre-reg flyers for events

■      Co-host event?

  • Statewide Prom?!?!

○      “SHIT ASS COOL” – Wade

  • Dates to be determined

○      Vegas event accidentally co-hosted by SWAC

■      Scavenger Hunt

■      March 15

■      Big outreach opportunity

○      Should have table and people for SWAC at Winter Fest

■      March 28-30

○      Only opportunity for SWAC March event would be 22nd or 23rd

○      Nick

■      From Co-Secretary to Secretary

○      Jeremy

■      Native American and Gay and Lesbian Liaison

■      H&I Co-Chair

○      Kyler

■      Greeter for events (Volun-told)

  • Wade will pick him up for committee meetings

Meeting closes at 6:55pm

SWACYPAA Business Meeting 2/16/2014

Meeting starts at 6:25
Reviewed last meeting’s minutes ­ Wade makes motion to approve, motion passes
Open with Serenity prayer


Dave ­ Better response with registration table at front door, $1200 made approximately
(Jonathan ­ Should put us around $6­-7k)
Jake ­ Rough draft of conference schedule made
Questions about marathon meeting start times, most of committee thinks 11pm would be
Marathons mixed in with panels? 50 minute panels? 75 minute panels? 15 minutes
between each panel?


Wade ­ Concert needs to be held off for another month, cheaper $500 deposit, May would be
best, motion to hold in May passes
Two rooms, two dances per night, Hip Hop room and other music room, Karaoke can go
in Hospitality room
Entertaiment sub­comittee meeting next Sunday
Jonathan ­ Sweat lodge possible
Sarah ­ DJ from LA possibility

Jonathan ­ ACYPAA had mechanical bull and Alcoholic Ninja Warrior

New Business

Need more merchandise, not only for conference, but for upcoming events, too
Sarah ­ Vote for new round of t­-shirts


Robert ­ Determining date night from date auction at last event, doing two nights (Fri & Sat)
March ­ Broomball? March 8th

Other Business

Nate, Mike, Chris, Josh here from HVYPAA ­ wanting to be of service and and get experience for bidding for UCYPAA
UCYPAA happening in September
Potentially join up with Alano club for future events? (Maybe SALTYPAA in the future)
Meeting closed at 7:20pm

SWACYPAA Business Meeting 2/2/2014

Started @ 6:00
Open with Serenity Prayer


Wade, Sarah, Nick, Kalon, Tommy, Robert, Jake, Gibson, Jonathan, Neisha, Dave, Sam


Programs – Ben stepping down as Programs, but will still get speakers. Jake still Programs co­-chair


Cherokee has baseball tees $4.98 each
­Waiting for other options


Robert ­ People signed up for date auction, need to figure out dates,
­Wade makes motion to approve $200 for date budget, passes
Is event a dance? No, too much for one event

Conference Facility

Dave – Rooms reserved, need one or two more, Wade and Jonathan need to do walk through
Wade ­- how many are actually registered?
Necia – At least 50 or more
Jonathan ­- We need more merchandise, outreach ambassadors needed, SWACY phone
number soon, suggested blackjack for game night, volunteer/security coordinator,
communications, and tickets and raffles,


Wade ­- conference entertainment ­ contacting cities for queen drag competition, karaoke room, recruiting subcommittee for entertainment
Close @ 6:31

SWACYPAA Business Meeting 1/18/14

Start at 18:15

  • Present: Jonathan, Tara, Wade, Brian, Gibson, Sarah, A.J. Robert, Valorie, Necia, Dave.
  • New: Samantha


  • Robert: Bowling for Januarys event? Bowling allies don’t reserve lanes Friday or Saturday nights. Maybe earlier on a Sunday for event? If we do $8 for 4  hours of bowling per person, vs. $8 an hour. We could charge each person $10, that includes all 4 hours and shoe rental. Group rates


  • Valorie =>  Valentines event?
  • Wade => dance with auction for a date 20 volunteers?  guy’s and gals, with 2 movie tix and 1 concession ticket. Last event we did this we made $1100. Open auction, bidding starts at $20.  18 years and older to be auctioned. Feb. 15th, game night on same night, since it’s the third Saturday.  Brian to make flyers.
  • Valorie => auction off cakes? Whoever buys your cake, you go on a date with that person.
  • Wade =>Westminister March 8th,for $500.00 plus. He is going to cover half the deposit.  Benefit concert, Videos are done, found volunteers. Budgets for conference, registration, cash boxes, change, 10 step room with notebooks and pens. Mechanical bull? Safety concern? Fire show, lighting, signage, shwag, get bid cities to donate?
  • Wade => 2 dance rooms, 1 hip hop, 1 electronic? What about the other genres of music?
  • Queen of SWACY drag Race? Lip sync? 2200-midnight? Karaoke?
  • Never had a legal drink panel?
  • Main room + 3 additional side rooms for  conference… we need a hospitality room, registration room.
  • Casino night Friday night + dance?
  • Tara=>  SWACYPAA needs to start on time, whether or not people are here… we can’t keep putting off the meeting. If you have a commitment show up to it or get somebody to fill in for you if you’re not going to be there..  hence why we have CO-chairs! Otherwise, don’t volunteer for position and let others have the opportunity to serve.  Meeting starts at 6 pm, not 6:15, or 6:30.
  • Valorie =>  ppl need to show up when they say they’re going to, otherwise things get planned when you say you’re going to be there, and when you don’t show up, things go to waste. Show up bottom line.
  • Wade => If programs falls through, we are fucked for our conference. We need to figure out plane tix for speakers.
  • Wade MOTIONS committee starts to meet every week starting March, to stay on top of conference, and whatever problems we come across. MOTION PASSED
  • We need a hospitality chair
  • Valorie => refreshments / pre registration chair.
  • Brian => 2,000 colored flyers- $200?
  • Maybe 50 people already pre registered?
  • Game night to support SWACYPAA, and get pre-reg forms- PROMOTE THE CONFERENCE.
  • General dollar report $5200.
  • Talk with people individually after/before meetings about conference
  • We need volunteers to help with conference, entertainment 6-10 people, security 6-10 people.

Motion to close 19:05

SWACYPAA Business Meeting 12/1/13

Open at 18:06
Opened with Moment of Silence, followed by Serenity prayer.
Motion to approve min from last meeting… PASSED
Role: Sarah, Todd, Bryan, Mike, Cherokee, Robert, Jonathan, Tara
A: Turkey bowl went well, with Ross Family helping with food.
B: HVYPAA (happy Valley Ypaa) is maybe starting a midnight Friday
meeting, some could possibly attend to show support. Go to website for
they’re December event
C: We have access to P.O. box with Mail coming in
D: Robert- Dec Event is set and got in contact with C.A. for event
nights, so there is not a conflict between events.
E: Decorations for x-mas party – Sarah, Necia, Emily. White elephant
gift for $0.99 – $9.99
2.New BIZ:
A: Vote in budget for x-mas event.
1-$30 for Decorations
2-$60 for cookie stuff (Cherokee)
3- $30 for food
3.Sarah motions to accept, Jonathan 2nds, MOTION PASSES
B: UGLY sweater contest
… GO TO the D.I. and if not there, look in your grandma’s closet!
C: When we have events at the the GYM, NO GYM EQUIPMENT shall be used,
since we don’t have the insurance to cover people.
2: Get some BUTT cans so theres not a ton of cigarette butts in the
gym parking lot. 3: James has asked us when we’re announcing anything
that happens at the gym, to NOT say the place, rather just say the
D: WACYPAA, We have a panel at 9 AM sat morning, also we host a
marathon mtg from 1300-1400.
E. Cherokee- Merchandiser- We Are Not SAINTS with logo, 2014. Is going
to get 20 shirts made up only for the people going to WACYPAA.
Motion to close at 18:45

SWACYPAA Business Meeting 11/17/13

Meeting starts @ 18:08
Opened w/moment of silence & serenity prayer
Jonathan read minutes from last meeting
-Motion to approve: Wade
-Seconded: Robert
1.New members
a.Romney: member at large
b.Lisa: member at large
a.Robert: Game night was great, started on time, games were fun, big
turnout, tasty food, lots of people were of service, cleaning went
well, cigarette butts still an issue, no using/climbing on equipment
for liability issue, Facebook event helped a bunch
3.James also asks we not use the name of his business for anonymity purposes
4.Fundarshit- $4
5.Old business
a.SWACY Pass: tabled
b.Pre-reg is starting to come in
c.Wade: has deposit for charity event in February
6. Motion: $250 from committee to fully fund for location
Seconded: Sarah
Motion passes, 1 opposes
7.New Business
a.James suggests regular Saturday meeting: tabled
b.Robert: HVYPAA now exists, Jordan (chair) wants to collaborate on
events with Utah County, they have an event Dec 14
c.Our December event will be Dec 15
d. We need to promote the shit out of Turkey Bowl event
e.If we can nail down the details of the Dec event, we can produce a
nicer color flyer, we’ll figure out location by tomorrow.
8.Bryan: Color flyers, 2000 flyers would be $200, motion passes
9.AJ will be greeter for Turkey Bowl
10.Wade: UCYPAA will also be at Sheraton, asks that we be of service
to the advisory committee, will bring a sign-up sheet for positions
11.Conference entertainment: Pool party, drag show, hot tub party,
dances Friday and Saturday night, will require A/V budgeting,
12.Nicholas: apparel, how many? We need to know at what point we get a
price break,
13.Necia: conference ideas include a free casino night with craps and
blackjack, we could set up our own poker tables,
14.We need a cigarette butt can for future events, we need more chairs
at gym too
Meeting closes @ 19:03

SWACYPAA Business Meeting 11/3/13

Meeting opens @ 6:06

Flyers made for Turkey Bowl – date needs to be changed

Opens w/moment of silence & Serenity prayer

In attendance: Dustin, Sarah, Brian, Dane, AJ, Neisha, Dave S., Robert, Mike, Cherokee, Gibson, Nick, Tony, Valerie, Nicholas, Emily, Owen


Dave has financial report from Saints and Sinners $583 collected, $60 decorations and candy, $100 donation, $743 to deposit, $273 profit

Robert – Halloween ball was bangin’ despite competition w/other recovery parties

Brian – Pre-reg flyer made, figuring out promo code for SWACY hotel reservations, if we can nail down info for Christmas event, we can make color flyers

AJ – Promotional items through Party Sober, ideas, hats, mugs, etc.


Old Business:

SWACY Pass…still tabled

Group outreach for events & conference

New Members:

Mike S – Outreach

Cherokee – Apparel

Owen – GSO

Tara –

Emily – Events Greeter

New Business – NONE

Meeting closes @ 6:40