Business meeting 3/2/2014

Meeting opens at 6:05

  • Open w/Serenity Prayer and a moment of “silence”
  • *Now meeting weekly
  • Really need to start forming manpower for security
  • Reviewed last meeting’s minutes

○      Motion to approve minutes: Robert/passes

  • New Committee Members

○      Jeremy


○      Robert

■      Broomball would be difficult (too expensive), checked out four locations

■      Jake will check with Maverik Center’s VP to see if there’s something we could work out

■      Game night can continue at same business

○      Sarah

■      Reaching out to people with prior YPAA “stuff” for speakers and whatnot – Teresa F potential speaker, advised committee to look up her speaker tapes

■      DJ Mikalis(?) available to DJ for our event

■      Probably not enough time to get a speaker tape listening group together before booking speakers, will mostly need to listen on our own

○      Wade

■      Conference entertainment subcommittee meeting at Wade’s house

○      Johnathan

■      Need to get $425 to Advisory for bank account and other expenses

  • Potential smaller cost later on

■      Asked Steve B to speak Friday night for conference

  • Founder of WACYPAA
  • Not confirmed yet

■      Panel “A Doctor’s Opinion”

  • Dr Laudet to potentially speak and talk with us throughout conference
  • Saturday at 10am

■      Cathy M to potentially speak on Thursday

■      Valerie stepping down

■      Tara stepping down

■      Need more Pre-Reg

■      Need more room purchases

■      Card readers. Such free. So amaze. Wow.

■      Three folks from HVYPAA won a free SWAC registration from scavenger hunt event (great event, BTW)


○      $15.50

  • Old Business

○      Getting more t-shirts

■      Just for current events

○      HVYPAA Wanting to Help with next event

■      Separate meeting for events

○      Move date for March event

■      March Madness Basketball Tourney?

  • Need to find location open on Sundays

○      We have ALL the conference space we need – woot woot

■      Six rooms total

○      Are we in-reaching?

■      Getting the word out about the actual conference

  • New Business

○      Jeremy – In-reach

■      Liaison for various communities (LGBTQ), Native American, etc.

○      HVYPAA and Four Corners in the house!

■      Printing out pre-reg flyers for events

■      Co-host event?

  • Statewide Prom?!?!

○      “SHIT ASS COOL” – Wade

  • Dates to be determined

○      Vegas event accidentally co-hosted by SWAC

■      Scavenger Hunt

■      March 15

■      Big outreach opportunity

○      Should have table and people for SWAC at Winter Fest

■      March 28-30

○      Only opportunity for SWAC March event would be 22nd or 23rd

○      Nick

■      From Co-Secretary to Secretary

○      Jeremy

■      Native American and Gay and Lesbian Liaison

■      H&I Co-Chair

○      Kyler

■      Greeter for events (Volun-told)

  • Wade will pick him up for committee meetings

Meeting closes at 6:55pm