Business Meeting Minutes

  • 6/15/2014 Minutes


    Meeting opens @ 6:00


    Shayna (Concessions) – Need as close to 100 Rockstar from Sam’s Club, will be getting stickers from Dollar Tree for decorating name tags, will have card stock cut at Kinkos for name tags,

    Dan (Volunteers) – Leaving @ 8:30 for hike, transportation for thirty people (six cars have already volunteered to assist, at least 5 people have volunteered for security with Jason, Hailee has volunteered for the hospitality room,

    Jonathan (Chair) – will fill some rooms with yoga, or potentially fitness group, hotel only charging us $500 for all three room flips (move chairs, move walls, clean walls), no fees or taxes on the food, lanyards have arrived (FANTASTIC DEAL), A/V gear is ordered and will be delivered, drinks are purchased (have two days worth or so), budgeted for around 400 people for attendance, will need to host advisory elections (2 primary, 3 alternates), Jonathan voted in as future SWACYPAA Advisory, Necia voted in as future SWACYPAA advisory, Dave voted in as future SWACYPAA advisory, Brian voted in as future alternate advisory SWACYPAA advisory, still need to create grab bag of topics for marathon meetings, suggestions for psuedo-panels needed,

    Necia (Raffles) – Will be going around to collect raffle prizes, Sarah has the hookup on good items,

    Meeting closes @ 7:15

  • 6/8/2014 Minutes


    Meeting opens @ 6:01

    Start w/moment of silence & Serenity Prayer

    New Members: Cade


    Pre-Registration approximately at 105-120

    Hospitality – Scavenger hunt, board games, YPAA Bingo, pillow fort (please do not use hotel’s sheets/blankets/pillows), merch in hospitality room

    Facilities – hotel being weird about room flips (could potentially try to charge $500 per flip), might try to charge us for refrigerator space, registration in hallways, concessions in central locations, room flips will take 3 hours???, could do it in under 2 hours if we give them enough Redbull, we must pay fees to maintain safety/fire code stuff,

    Programs –  6-9 for meetings in order to make more time for dances, Sunday 10-12, dance must end at 1, casino night must end at 1, slots for 8 panels in 2 different rooms, additional panel topics will take place in some marathon meeting slots (2 speakers and then open up meeting), birthday meeting – buy chips or ask groups/members to donate, need topics for marathon meetings – probably do grab bag style, sign up sheet for marathon meeting chairs, will approach Randi H. and Christine F. for Saturday opening speaker, offering discount to treatment centers ($15 each) – have reached out to Haven, Vista, Wasatch Recovery, Ascend, Dayspring, Recovery Ways,

    A/V – Missing piece of DJ gear – $150 cost, lasers would be sweet for the dance

    Entertainment – karaoke $95, bunch of volunteers for drag show (Scaryoke?), hike (each car going up will need to bring $3 to pay canyon fee), yoga?, glow sticks?

    Concessions – stickers and markers, paper bags and such,

    Raffles – already have tickets, just need prizes, every $500 at casino night equals 1 raffle ticket, Necia and Wade will buy prizes, motion to approve $1500 budget for prizes passes,

    Merch  have most shirts ordered

    Gibson voted Voice of SWACYPAA

    ***Next week we will vote chair of meetings (Jonathan will do Saturdays), and vote for people to run sobriety countdown,

    Meeting closes 7:00


  • 6/1/14 Minutes


    Meeting Opens @ 6:06
    Serenity Prayer


    Shayna – got beverage pricing, Costco appears to be the cheapest (but don’t have Rockstars), might check with Sam’s Club for RS pricing, need to figure out how many to buy, 1400 total?, could run to Costco and Sam’s on Sunday, Rockstar might be more popular, basic flavors, won’t have coffee at meeting, Starbucks will be open late, need 2 days worth and restock accordingly,
    Jonathan – 105 people preregistered (approx), budgeting for 400 people in attendance, hit 31% for room night booking, need 2 tablets and Squares for registration/payment, 2 for merch, 3 for concessions, schedule is complicated (sent out Google doc)
    A/V – don’t have to pay $500 fee, previous fee should still stand, Skyler should be available to run boards
    Wade – need permission for Karaoke system (need pricing info first), casino night Saturday, dance both nights, open talent show Friday,
    Programs – one side room not being used, will be used for panels – Military, Prison, Keeping Rooms Safe, Post-secret, have 7 panelists scheduled, 7 panels, most from AZ bid city, will have marathon meetings additionally (topic from grab bag),
    Activities – hike (The Living Room, Pipeline), 30 slots for sign up, Todd and Dan to figure out sign up and transportation, sweat lodge (trying to figure it out), yoga by Sammy and Aaron, 12 step yoga?,
    Merch/Brian – put in order for shirts $1000 preorder, $2300 total, held off on hoodies (pretty pricey), ordered wristbands ($0.70 cost, charge $3.00), wristbands could come with registration bags?, possible contact in AZ to get cheaper hoodies, have not ordered host/volunteer shirts yet, host shirt with different colors for different people, guaranteed profit – all recordings from conference on flash drive shaped like key
    Meeting closes @ 6:57
  • 5/25/2014 Minutes

    Meeting opens @ 6:09

    *Open w/moment of silence & Serenity prayer


    • Dan – Volunteers have expressed interest (need volunteers for basically everything the hotel will not be doing for us) – 2/4 hour shifts, volunteers get free shirt
    • Jonathan – Met w/hotel on Tuesday, 2 dedicated hotel employees for execution of conference to help us, have allowed us to sell our own drinks/food (we will need to give them food/bev minimum in cash), can still buy food from them w/minimum, we will not have all rooms every day of conference, moved advisory/store room downstairs, clumping together advisory/host/speakers in different part of hotel, room block booking rate currently at 28% (committee members will be booking rooms this weekend/week), travel/hotels all booked for speakers, trying to PJ for Sunday morning speaker, need two openers for Sunday
    • A/V – updated bid includes solid state recorder and other items, current bid @ $1400, hotel wants to charge $500 for liaison and will price match, spending $50 to re-key store room, pretty dynamic set up, weird DJ setup
    • Wade – no one has signed up for Drag Show (considering alternates for room space),
    • Neisha – have gotten in touch w/casino night company
    • Entertainment – St Georgians will provide tag DJ set for Saturday night
    • Merch – going to order more red shirts (they will be host shirts in order to differentiate host from rest of conference shirts), 10-15 blue shirts were sold

    Old Business

    • None

    New Business

    • Merch/Design – Need decent amount of women’s shirts (1/3 of total), need total number of shirts to order, 1 guy requested XXXL, should be going over minimum bulk order, 50 hoodies w/logo on the black, coffee mugs!!!, delinquent saint on white shirt, addict saint on grey, can do prepayment/preorder for shirts/sizes which are sold out, $75 for screen set up which includes 4 colors, 70 mens/30 womens of each design, hats go quickly at God Camp-out, need prices on coffee mugs, need pricing on lanyards and name tags, need pricing on bracelets,
    • Jacob w/Rainbow Roundup – RR 8/15-17) would love to help SWACY in whatever they can, and would also like table at conference for registration (signage and banners), could potentially help w/Drag Show
    • Sarah – we need to get conference program ready to distribute (we already have, but not specific times)
    • Jonathan – we need name-tag identifiers for host/advisory/volunteers, company in Orem offered SWACY-branded vape juice, advisory elections happening soon (will need 3 main people and 3 alternates, 4 year commitment)

    Meeting closes @ 7:10

  • 5/11/2014 Minutes

    Open at 6:06 PM


    Gibson (A/V) – Reviewed the conference quote with the supplier. Pricing around $1,100.  Need to check out a larger DJ kit for Saturday night which might increase the quote cost by $250.

    Wade – Need to rent a projector for the event. $50

    Brian (flyers) – Flyers for the May event being distributed

    Jonathan – 55 new shirts printed. Hoping to sell a lot at Four Corners.

    New Members


    Old Business


    New Business


    Close at 6:16 PM