Business Meeting Minutes

  • 3/17/14 Minutes

    Meeting starts @ 6:15 (outside Central Office)

    **Many committee members were out of town for the LVYPAA Scavenger Hunt, so meeting attendance was small and held outside Central Office due to keyholder being absent (thanks a lot, Jonathan)



    • March Game Night netted somewhere around $80 after expenses
    • New location worked very well for event
    • Food was great (thank you, Shayna)
    • Need to bring money for events so Game Night winnings may be paid out (Sorry, Tony)
    • Dates confirmed with St George and HVYPAA for Prom event


    • We may possibly have room to store tables for events at new Game Night location
    • Cirque can be used for Prom event location (Pricing in New Business)


    • Apologizes for being away from committee for a few months
    • Asks for forgiveness
    • We like Tony, so we let him come back


    • Merchandise chair
    • Going to start investigating pricing/availability for Conference and upcoming events

    New Business

    Shayna new refreshments chair


    • Cirque will allow us to use their venue for Prom and another event around the same time for “Free” (Free = $300 to “refurbish” flooring after use)
    • Business tabled due to so few committee members being present to vote on expense

    Meeting closes @ 6:45

  • 3/9/14 Minutes

    Meeting opens @ 6:20



    • Eddie , Rhonda, John, and Brad all sending speaker recordings
    • Rainbow Roundup would like to have table at our conference
    • Two dances, karaoke, casino night, Queen of SWAC, etc.
    • Organizing zoo trip passes


    • Paid $475 for advisory to get trustee insurance


    • We need security volunteers
    • Potentially 20


    • New designs for shirts and such
    • So saintly


    • No space at new game night location for chairs and tables, we will need to store them elsewhere

    That’s it. 

  • Business meeting 3/2/2014

    Meeting opens at 6:05

    • Open w/Serenity Prayer and a moment of “silence”
    • *Now meeting weekly
    • Really need to start forming manpower for security
    • Reviewed last meeting’s minutes

    ○      Motion to approve minutes: Robert/passes

    • New Committee Members

    ○      Jeremy


    ○      Robert

    ■      Broomball would be difficult (too expensive), checked out four locations

    ■      Jake will check with Maverik Center’s VP to see if there’s something we could work out

    ■      Game night can continue at same business

    ○      Sarah

    ■      Reaching out to people with prior YPAA “stuff” for speakers and whatnot – Teresa F potential speaker, advised committee to look up her speaker tapes

    ■      DJ Mikalis(?) available to DJ for our event

    ■      Probably not enough time to get a speaker tape listening group together before booking speakers, will mostly need to listen on our own

    ○      Wade

    ■      Conference entertainment subcommittee meeting at Wade’s house

    ○      Johnathan

    ■      Need to get $425 to Advisory for bank account and other expenses

    • Potential smaller cost later on

    ■      Asked Steve B to speak Friday night for conference

    • Founder of WACYPAA
    • Not confirmed yet

    ■      Panel “A Doctor’s Opinion”

    • Dr Laudet to potentially speak and talk with us throughout conference
    • Saturday at 10am

    ■      Cathy M to potentially speak on Thursday

    ■      Valerie stepping down

    ■      Tara stepping down

    ■      Need more Pre-Reg

    ■      Need more room purchases

    ■      Card readers. Such free. So amaze. Wow.

    ■      Three folks from HVYPAA won a free SWAC registration from scavenger hunt event (great event, BTW)


    ○      $15.50

    • Old Business

    ○      Getting more t-shirts

    ■      Just for current events

    ○      HVYPAA Wanting to Help with next event

    ■      Separate meeting for events

    ○      Move date for March event

    ■      March Madness Basketball Tourney?

    • Need to find location open on Sundays

    ○      We have ALL the conference space we need – woot woot

    ■      Six rooms total

    ○      Are we in-reaching?

    ■      Getting the word out about the actual conference

    • New Business

    ○      Jeremy – In-reach

    ■      Liaison for various communities (LGBTQ), Native American, etc.

    ○      HVYPAA and Four Corners in the house!

    ■      Printing out pre-reg flyers for events

    ■      Co-host event?

    • Statewide Prom?!?!

    ○      “SHIT ASS COOL” – Wade

    • Dates to be determined

    ○      Vegas event accidentally co-hosted by SWAC

    ■      Scavenger Hunt

    ■      March 15

    ■      Big outreach opportunity

    ○      Should have table and people for SWAC at Winter Fest

    ■      March 28-30

    ○      Only opportunity for SWAC March event would be 22nd or 23rd

    ○      Nick

    ■      From Co-Secretary to Secretary

    ○      Jeremy

    ■      Native American and Gay and Lesbian Liaison

    ■      H&I Co-Chair

    ○      Kyler

    ■      Greeter for events (Volun-told)

    • Wade will pick him up for committee meetings

    Meeting closes at 6:55pm

  • SWACYPAA Business Meeting 2/16/2014

    Meeting starts at 6:25
    Reviewed last meeting’s minutes ­ Wade makes motion to approve, motion passes
    Open with Serenity prayer


    Dave ­ Better response with registration table at front door, $1200 made approximately
    (Jonathan ­ Should put us around $6­-7k)
    Jake ­ Rough draft of conference schedule made
    Questions about marathon meeting start times, most of committee thinks 11pm would be
    Marathons mixed in with panels? 50 minute panels? 75 minute panels? 15 minutes
    between each panel?


    Wade ­ Concert needs to be held off for another month, cheaper $500 deposit, May would be
    best, motion to hold in May passes
    Two rooms, two dances per night, Hip Hop room and other music room, Karaoke can go
    in Hospitality room
    Entertaiment sub­comittee meeting next Sunday
    Jonathan ­ Sweat lodge possible
    Sarah ­ DJ from LA possibility

    Jonathan ­ ACYPAA had mechanical bull and Alcoholic Ninja Warrior

    New Business

    Need more merchandise, not only for conference, but for upcoming events, too
    Sarah ­ Vote for new round of t­-shirts


    Robert ­ Determining date night from date auction at last event, doing two nights (Fri & Sat)
    March ­ Broomball? March 8th

    Other Business

    Nate, Mike, Chris, Josh here from HVYPAA ­ wanting to be of service and and get experience for bidding for UCYPAA
    UCYPAA happening in September
    Potentially join up with Alano club for future events? (Maybe SALTYPAA in the future)
    Meeting closed at 7:20pm

  • SWACYPAA Business Meeting 2/2/2014

    Started @ 6:00
    Open with Serenity Prayer


    Wade, Sarah, Nick, Kalon, Tommy, Robert, Jake, Gibson, Jonathan, Neisha, Dave, Sam


    Programs – Ben stepping down as Programs, but will still get speakers. Jake still Programs co­-chair


    Cherokee has baseball tees $4.98 each
    ­Waiting for other options


    Robert ­ People signed up for date auction, need to figure out dates,
    ­Wade makes motion to approve $200 for date budget, passes
    Is event a dance? No, too much for one event

    Conference Facility

    Dave – Rooms reserved, need one or two more, Wade and Jonathan need to do walk through
    Wade ­- how many are actually registered?
    Necia – At least 50 or more
    Jonathan ­- We need more merchandise, outreach ambassadors needed, SWACY phone
    number soon, suggested blackjack for game night, volunteer/security coordinator,
    communications, and tickets and raffles,


    Wade ­- conference entertainment ­ contacting cities for queen drag competition, karaoke room, recruiting subcommittee for entertainment
    Close @ 6:31