SWACYPAA Business Meeting 10/20/13

1: open at 18:10 with moment of silence with serenity prayer.

2: Role Taken: Nick, Jake, Ben, Jon, Gibson, Tony, Robert, Sarah, Brian, Tara, AJ, Jonathan.

3:Reviewed minutes.

4: Reports: Robert- Events chair, LAST night was decent. Turned out well with CHILI and games BOMB!

5:Fundarshit: $10

6: Old BIZ: Tabled since Dave is not here to talk about SWACY PACK.

7: New BIZ: Flyers for movie night?

A: Sarah, 1 major event per month instead of 3 times a month so we can focus on raising money instead of spending our time running around trying to get stuff done.

B: Jonathan: we are already committed to game night every month.

C: Movie night is killed!!!

D: Turkey Bowl in November, and then in Dec may have holiday.

E: Ben advises maybe we can get a cigarette dispensary for James Crossfit place, since he has given us permission to use his facilities indefinantly.

F: Pre Reg note? Does it say $20, or still $15 on forms?

G: Ross’ family is handling the turkey, servers, drinks, anything that has to do with kitchen work.

H: Sarah: what day are we going to do the turkey bowl on? THANKSGIVING OF COURSE!

I: Nick will contact mens homegroup chair to see if we can use the same place as last year.

J: Sarah: everyone needs to announce Halloween event.

K: Tara and Sarah will HANDLE the park city mens group.

8: Jon: approval didn’t pan out. Have UCYPAA earlier in May, so we don’t eliminate people being able to come to SWACYPAA event in JUNE.

A: doing UCY and SWACY at Sheraton.  Using room rates, fill our clock 30 days prior to event. Will keep open pool and starbuck 24 hours. How are we going to split the main conference room? A/V if we plug into they’re system. We’d give them $1100 for the weekend. We need to set up our own system, not plug into the hotel to save money. Haven’t signed anything yet.

B: June 26-29th for main event.

9: $65 on Halloween  decorations, and CANDY!

10: DECEMBER event? Maybe movie night with all classic xmas movies!

A: chili cook off, bringing back movie night!

B: cookie decorating, hot cocoa, white elephant gifts! Holiday party, potluck, $10 per person suggested donation.

C: dec 15th, 3rd Sunday of the month. TABLED

11: close at 19:04