SWACYPAA Business Meeting 11/17/13

Meeting starts @ 18:08
Opened w/moment of silence & serenity prayer
Jonathan read minutes from last meeting
-Motion to approve: Wade
-Seconded: Robert
1.New members
a.Romney: member at large
b.Lisa: member at large
a.Robert: Game night was great, started on time, games were fun, big
turnout, tasty food, lots of people were of service, cleaning went
well, cigarette butts still an issue, no using/climbing on equipment
for liability issue, Facebook event helped a bunch
3.James also asks we not use the name of his business for anonymity purposes
4.Fundarshit- $4
5.Old business
a.SWACY Pass: tabled
b.Pre-reg is starting to come in
c.Wade: has deposit for charity event in February
6. Motion: $250 from committee to fully fund for location
Seconded: Sarah
Motion passes, 1 opposes
7.New Business
a.James suggests regular Saturday meeting: tabled
b.Robert: HVYPAA now exists, Jordan (chair) wants to collaborate on
events with Utah County, they have an event Dec 14
c.Our December event will be Dec 15
d. We need to promote the shit out of Turkey Bowl event
e.If we can nail down the details of the Dec event, we can produce a
nicer color flyer, we’ll figure out location by tomorrow.
8.Bryan: Color flyers, 2000 flyers would be $200, motion passes
9.AJ will be greeter for Turkey Bowl
10.Wade: UCYPAA will also be at Sheraton, asks that we be of service
to the advisory committee, will bring a sign-up sheet for positions
11.Conference entertainment: Pool party, drag show, hot tub party,
dances Friday and Saturday night, will require A/V budgeting,
12.Nicholas: apparel, how many? We need to know at what point we get a
price break,
13.Necia: conference ideas include a free casino night with craps and
blackjack, we could set up our own poker tables,
14.We need a cigarette butt can for future events, we need more chairs
at gym too
Meeting closes @ 19:03