SWACYPAA Business Meeting 11/3/13

Meeting opens @ 6:06

Flyers made for Turkey Bowl – date needs to be changed

Opens w/moment of silence & Serenity prayer

In attendance: Dustin, Sarah, Brian, Dane, AJ, Neisha, Dave S., Robert, Mike, Cherokee, Gibson, Nick, Tony, Valerie, Nicholas, Emily, Owen


Dave has financial report from Saints and Sinners $583 collected, $60 decorations and candy, $100 donation, $743 to deposit, $273 profit

Robert – Halloween ball was bangin’ despite competition w/other recovery parties

Brian – Pre-reg flyer made, figuring out promo code for SWACY hotel reservations, if we can nail down info for Christmas event, we can make color flyers

AJ – Promotional items through Party Sober, ideas, hats, mugs, etc.


Old Business:

SWACY Pass…still tabled

Group outreach for events & conference

New Members:

Mike S – Outreach

Cherokee – Apparel

Owen – GSO

Tara –

Emily – Events Greeter

New Business – NONE

Meeting closes @ 6:40