SWACYPAA Business Meeting 1/18/14

Start at 18:15

  • Present: Jonathan, Tara, Wade, Brian, Gibson, Sarah, A.J. Robert, Valorie, Necia, Dave.
  • New: Samantha


  • Robert: Bowling for Januarys event? Bowling allies don’t reserve lanes Friday or Saturday nights. Maybe earlier on a Sunday for event? If we do $8 for 4  hours of bowling per person, vs. $8 an hour. We could charge each person $10, that includes all 4 hours and shoe rental. Group rates


  • Valorie =>  Valentines event?
  • Wade => dance with auction for a date 20 volunteers?  guy’s and gals, with 2 movie tix and 1 concession ticket. Last event we did this we made $1100. Open auction, bidding starts at $20.  18 years and older to be auctioned. Feb. 15th, game night on same night, since it’s the third Saturday.  Brian to make flyers.
  • Valorie => auction off cakes? Whoever buys your cake, you go on a date with that person.
  • Wade =>Westminister March 8th,for $500.00 plus. He is going to cover half the deposit.  Benefit concert, Videos are done, found volunteers. Budgets for conference, registration, cash boxes, change, 10 step room with notebooks and pens. Mechanical bull? Safety concern? Fire show, lighting, signage, shwag, get bid cities to donate?
  • Wade => 2 dance rooms, 1 hip hop, 1 electronic? What about the other genres of music?
  • Queen of SWACY drag Race? Lip sync? 2200-midnight? Karaoke?
  • Never had a legal drink panel?
  • Main room + 3 additional side rooms for  conference… we need a hospitality room, registration room.
  • Casino night Friday night + dance?
  • Tara=>  SWACYPAA needs to start on time, whether or not people are here… we can’t keep putting off the meeting. If you have a commitment show up to it or get somebody to fill in for you if you’re not going to be there..  hence why we have CO-chairs! Otherwise, don’t volunteer for position and let others have the opportunity to serve.  Meeting starts at 6 pm, not 6:15, or 6:30.
  • Valorie =>  ppl need to show up when they say they’re going to, otherwise things get planned when you say you’re going to be there, and when you don’t show up, things go to waste. Show up bottom line.
  • Wade => If programs falls through, we are fucked for our conference. We need to figure out plane tix for speakers.
  • Wade MOTIONS committee starts to meet every week starting March, to stay on top of conference, and whatever problems we come across. MOTION PASSED
  • We need a hospitality chair
  • Valorie => refreshments / pre registration chair.
  • Brian => 2,000 colored flyers- $200?
  • Maybe 50 people already pre registered?
  • Game night to support SWACYPAA, and get pre-reg forms- PROMOTE THE CONFERENCE.
  • General dollar report $5200.
  • Talk with people individually after/before meetings about conference
  • We need volunteers to help with conference, entertainment 6-10 people, security 6-10 people.

Motion to close 19:05