SWACYPAA Business Meeting 12/1/13

Open at 18:06
Opened with Moment of Silence, followed by Serenity prayer.
Motion to approve min from last meeting… PASSED
Role: Sarah, Todd, Bryan, Mike, Cherokee, Robert, Jonathan, Tara
A: Turkey bowl went well, with Ross Family helping with food.
B: HVYPAA (happy Valley Ypaa) is maybe starting a midnight Friday
meeting, some could possibly attend to show support. Go to website for
they’re December event PERFECTPOTLUCK.com
C: We have access to P.O. box with Mail coming in
D: Robert- Dec Event is set and got in contact with C.A. for event
nights, so there is not a conflict between events.
E: Decorations for x-mas party – Sarah, Necia, Emily. White elephant
gift for $0.99 – $9.99
2.New BIZ:
A: Vote in budget for x-mas event.
1-$30 for Decorations
2-$60 for cookie stuff (Cherokee)
3- $30 for food
3.Sarah motions to accept, Jonathan 2nds, MOTION PASSES
B: UGLY sweater contest
… GO TO the D.I. and if not there, look in your grandma’s closet!
C: When we have events at the the GYM, NO GYM EQUIPMENT shall be used,
since we don’t have the insurance to cover people.
2: Get some BUTT cans so theres not a ton of cigarette butts in the
gym parking lot. 3: James has asked us when we’re announcing anything
that happens at the gym, to NOT say the place, rather just say the
D: WACYPAA, We have a panel at 9 AM sat morning, also we host a
marathon mtg from 1300-1400.
E. Cherokee- Merchandiser- We Are Not SAINTS with logo, 2014. Is going
to get 20 shirts made up only for the people going to WACYPAA.
Motion to close at 18:45