SWACYPAA Business Meeting 8/18/13

Open at 18:34

Todd wants to be Wades Bitch!!! Todd Voted in

Wade discussed for an event of a small Benefit Concert for the alcoholic in recovery. Delores Eccles Concert hall at Westminister. Has a relationship with the school, and invite the older A.A.’s as well as younger A.A.’s. Could plan for a November event. $600.00 to rent space, all A/V, and the guy who runs A/V. although we have to have our own insurance.  Will meet with events.

October we’re looking towards a haunted house for the big event.  Get food and event, and as a group rate pay with the BBQ fund.

James says we can use his Gym for the 3rd Saturday of every month for Game night.

Recovery day,  set up a booth. We need to get our banner made. All should have Pre-Reg forms.

As of sober Olympics, $1320.45 on top of everything else, we have about 1600.00

Events people talk about white party rave.

Tara has received keys for mailbox and will go check mailbox this week.

Movie in the park. Wade provides sound equipment, potluck, find a screen, speaker from 8-9, movie from 10-12 … locations? Sandy, kickball, bbq? Frisbee golf park. September 7th  $15.00 food, movie, popcorn, soda. Energy drinks are sold separately.  Contact Lauren for popcorn and sodas. Or popcorn machine rental… Diamond is $22.00, or Costco for bags.

End at 19:22