SWACYPAA Business Meeting 9/1/13

  • Open with silence @ 18:01

  • Roll

    1. Wade, Me, Lauren, Aaron, Necia, Dave S, Brian, Jon, Robert, Gibson, Tony

  • Minutes

    1. Robert motions to approve, Dave, all in favor

  • New members

    1. Mark, by way of Dave

    2. Brandon by way of Wade

  • Reports

    1. Robert – 8 of us visited St George for the Four Corners pool party/bbq

    2. Jon – Angela from CVB sent out RFPs.  Jon and Dave working on getting best contracts available by end of the month.

    3. Necia – Raising pre-reg cost to $15

  • Fundarshit – $16

  • Old Business

    1. None

  • New Business

    1. Movie night

      1. The film will be Boondock Saints

      2. A/V

        1. Dave getting projector

        2. Dave has painter’s ladder

        3. Gibson will call Cody about speakers with long cables, possibly other solutions

      3. Chairs – Dave and Wade

    2. Lauren needing input on how to purchase food in advance of events.  Will put together a shopping and price list for movie night and game nights

    3. Wade motions to vote on new logos for host.  Passes

    4. Jon motions to outline how we come up with the new logos and vote – Brian re-use some from the last Facebook voting plus some new ones.  Voting will be top-3 in the next meeting.  Passes

  • Close at 18:50