SWACYPAA Business Meeting 9/15/2013

  1. Open with silence @ 18:
  2. Roll
    1. Ben, Nick, Todd, Robert, Gibson, Jon, Aaron
  3. Minutes
    1. Robert motions to approve, Aaron, all in favor
  4. New members
    1. Nick by Ben
    2. Ben by way Nick
  5. Reports
    1. Robert – movie night went well
    2. Jonathan – Recovery Night went well as well, great exposure for the conference.
    3. Financial – $569 total income since becoming SWACYPAA
  6. Fundarshit –
  7. Old Business
    1. New logos

i.     “Angel” – 10

ii.     “Unicorn” – 3

iii.     Advisory – 1

  1. Next month’s movie is The Big Lebowski
  2. New Business
    1. Motion to approve Wade’s event date for December 15th Sunday

i.     The previous date approved was in November, hence the motion

ii.     Approved

  1. Motion to cover the cost of the event, minus any pre-event fundraising by Wade – $528 facility, $150 insurance, $15/hr for tech (if Gibson cannot) for 3 hours

i.     We are free to get our own liability insurance elsewhere, possibly for less.  Policy amount not specified.

ii.     Wade would like to get everyone to get someone to donate $30

  1. More like just buy a ticket. $30 gets you the ticket to the event plus discounted pre-registration

iii.     Motion was an event split, Jonathan broke the tie against.  Consensus is that we should support the event with our ticket selling efforts.

  1. New website – $45 approved for premium theme
  2. Inreach assignment list made separately so that we communicate to more groups with greater internal accountability
  3. New member positions

i.     Ben H – Co-Programs

ii.     Nick T – Co-Hospitality

iii.     Valerie G – Co-Registration

iv.     Tara W – GLBT Liason

  1. Close at 7:25